My name is Polina, and I am an artist! I'm a digital illustrator and designer who adores fantasy themes. You might also know me as a gamer, LARPer, cryptid, and lover of all things nerdy! When I'm not creating art, I'm spending my time enjoying nerdy hobbies like worldbuilding and roleplaying.

I earned my BFA from Alfred University in 2019, with a focus in expanded media, illustration, and design. I fell in love with traditional printmaking methods early in my undergrad career, and practically lived in the print shop and computer lab during my junior and senior years, and while working on my thesis exhibition and Honors program thesis project.


Though I adored printmaking, my love for digital drawing and painting won out in the end, which led to the creation of my first self-published book: my thesis project, The Art of the Calamity: Character Design and Worldbuilding. This project was where I first kickstarted my adventures in worldbuilding and storytelling, and this mission continues to this day as I develop my world Malkora, which has seen a great deal of change and development since completing my thesis book.

Today, I am an artist who loves working with other nerds to bring visions to life through artwork, illustrating scenes and designing characters of many varied origins! Original characters from fantasy roleplaying games and LARPs are a favorite, and I have worked with LARP teams to illustrate and design several assets for their online experience during Covid-19 closures.

I am available for personal commissions and commercial work in RPGs, tabletops, LARPs, books, and more!


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Want to share my info with someone, but condense it into one teeny simple little site? This is the link for you! All of my social links can be found here, and it links back to my website as well! Think of this link as my virtual business card, and this site as where the business really happens!

Get a behind-the-scenes pass to all things Iamtheline! Early looks at art, work-in-progress artwork, in-depth looks at what I'm working on and my thoughts behind the process, and more! Higher tiers have access to art commissions in sketched styles I don't typically offer as regular commissions!

Learn more about my artwork! See my work on Artstation for more information about individual pieces and for a better look at each one. You can also get a look at older artworks that aren't featured on my website anymore.

Get to know Malkora! Interested in seeing what I'm up to in the realm of worldbuilding? Worldanvil is where you can see how my world is developing, as it continuously gets updated and tinkered with! See the product of my gears turning in my brain!

My Discord server is the best place to stay up-to-date on all of my artistic ventures, including new artwork, updates and announcements, new videos, and more! It's a one-stop-shop where you can have easy access to my links and to chat with me and other friends!