Current Commission Status: PATRONS & COMMERCIAL ONLY

Have a character you want to immortalize in artwork? Is there a scene gripping at your mind, that you just need to see come to life? Whatever idea it is that you have brewing, I would love to help make it a reality!


The prices listed on this page are general guidelines and apply only to commissions for personal use. Commissions will be individually quoted based on complexity of the request, as well as style and level of detail desired.

Commercial Use Disclaimer: The prices listed below are for personal commissions and small projects only, and do not permit for commercial use by the client. Commercial use may be negotiated while discussing requests, and will incur additional fees according to appropriate criteria.

Talon of Summer s.jpg


Start at $50


Half Body

Start at $65


Full Body

Start at $80

Character Illustrations - Digital Paintings

Base pricing covers simple painted pieces depicting a character with a simple color background or graphic element.

See examples of my painted work and past commissions here!

Additional charges for: Backgrounds; complex poses, armor, or lighting; additional characters or companions (pets); nsfw subjects

Amenti Card 25.png

Tarot Cards

Start at $125

Do you desire a portrait or illustration which can explore the deeper themes and symbolism behind your character, in the style of arcana?


Portraits (with background)

Start at $75

Interested in a fully rendered portrait of a character, with a background that suits their story and themes? Or, a portrait with special props and effects?

Tile - Overgrowth Tile Size.png

Scenic Illustration

Start at $150

These are detailed illustrations with a major focus placed on environment and setting, rather than the character featured.

Hadestown S Night.png

Environment Illustration

Start at $180

From small towns to fantastic landscapes, I'll take on the challenge to capture the vision of whatever uncharted lands you want to bring to life!

Character Illustrations - Lined Illustrations

Starts at $30 (Portrait) | $45 (Half Body) | $60 (Full Body)

Looking for something simpler, or cleaner? I offer a more graphic style, in contrast to the painterly style offered above!

Base pricing covers simple lined, flat-colored pieces depicting a character with a simple background element. More involved or detailed commissions will be quoted at higher prices.

Additional charges for: Backgrounds; shading; complex poses or armor; additional characters or companions (pets); nsfw subjects

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Please provide as much information as possible, especially if you selected 'Other' for commission type.

Be prepared to provide additional information and reference images!

Thanks for submitting your inquiry! You'll receive a follow-up email soon.