Tarot Cards

Something I've noticed is that nerds with original characters LOVE tarot symbolism and imagery. Yes, that includes me! I've had such a wonderful experience with illustrating my own characters, and the characters of others, representing different tarot cards!

These cards allow for a lot of experimentation and exploration, and are a fantastic way to represent a character with their personalities, origins, values, and/or circumstances as the focus of the illustration, in a format which lends itself to deeper meaning.


Major Arcana

The Popular Pick

A lot of people hear tarot and think major arcana. I don't blame them, especially if they're not the type to interact with the cards much in their personal lives. Likewise, I don't blame them, given how powerful a lot of these cards feel, compared to the minor arcana.

LR C 25.png

V | The Hierophant

Leon Regalia (2018)

Lovers Card s.png

VI | The Lovers

Zeal & Quabbin (2021)

Bastion Sun Card 25.png

XIX | The Sun

Bastion Santiago (2020)

Leon Tower 25.png
Atticus Wheel of Fortune Card Small.png

X | The Wheel of Fortune

Atticus Gunney (2019)

Leon Tower Card 25.png

V | The Hierophant

Leon Regalia (2020)

AS B S.png

XX | Judgement

Arabella Sun (2019)

Minor Arcana

Wonderfully Diverse

Just because it's called the minor arcana, doesn't mean it's any less important or symbolic than its major counterpart. There are so many cards in the minor arcana, and it's always exciting to pick up a new card and get to know what it means.

front b2.png
Fuckface Card SM.png

Knight of Cups

F*ckface (2019)

Semi C SM2.png

Ace of Pentacles

Semicolon (2019)

Vince C SM2.png

Nine of Pentacles

Vince McBride (2019)

L C 25.png

Nine of Wands

Lance Arcos (2018)

Sergius Card 25.png

Two of Swords

[Removed Name] (2018)

ST C 25.png

Six of Swords

Strix (2019)